Opioid Poisoning Emergencies

This course is designed for anyone 16 years of age and older. Learn the skills and knowledge to prevent, recognize and help treat someone experiencing an opioid overdose emergency. BOOK a LUNCH N LEARN for your group. Contact Us to find out more about a customized workshop at your location.


  • The opioid crisis in Canada
  • What are opioids and how do they affect the body?
  • How does Naloxone work?
  • How to recognize someone having an opioid emergency and how to help
  • How to ensure you are SAFE before and after a crisis
  • How to obtain your own Naloxone Kit for free

COURSE LENGTH – 60 Minutes

OR Learn at your own pace by working independently online. Enroll in a your free online course now: https://learn.redcross.ca/p/first-aid-opioid-poisoning