First Aid/CPR Training has always been an important life skill.  By taking a first aid course and learning CPR with AED training, you could save a life.  You will gain confidence and the knowledge to respond and provide basic medical treatment in an emergency.  In the workplace, First Aid training helps your employees become more aware of potential hazards that may result in a workplace accident.  Training also boosts employee confidence in a stressful situation when response time counts!

First Aid Training NEW Requirements – Part 11 OHS Code

There have been some recent changes to First aid training for workers and First Aid Kit requirements.  Debco Safety meets the NEW Occupational Health & Safety guidelines and continues to deliver quality courses that make a difference!

Effective March 31, 2023, First Aid Training for workers are required to meet CSA Standard Z1210-17 (First Aid Training for the Workplace) and First Aid Kits must meet CSA Standard Z1220-17 (First Aid Kits for the Workplace). Depending on your work site, you may have to add additional items in your first aid kits, to meet the new standards.

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