Opioid poisoning from prescription and non-medical drugs, and potent synthetic opioids such as fentanyl, is an important emerging public health issue. Poisoning deaths have risen sharply across Canada in recent years, affecting thousands of families. In this workshop, participants will learn how they can help prevent death and disability by recognizing, accessing help, and providing care for a suspected opioid poisoning.

Learn how you can help prevent death and disability from opioid poisoning

This workshop is delivered as a 60-minute stand-alone session or added on to an Emergency First Aid or Standard First Aid Course. The workshop is ideal for those working in schools, recreation, and community centres, and is also suitable for those who want to support friends or loved ones and learn how to respond in an opioid poisoning situation.

Workshop Topics Include

  • The Basics of Opioids
  • Identifying an Opioid Poisoning
  • Assessment & Care for a suspected poisoning

Course Duration: 60 minutes