COVID-19 BTNX Rapid Response™ Antigen Screening Program

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen testing provides employers with another layer of protection in keeping their work places safe. Debco will test your employees directly at your work site on a schedule that meets your needs.  Debco is fully compliant with Health Canada and is listed on Alberta’s directory as a Rapid Testing resource for the Provincial Antigen Screening Program.  Testing staff regularly means your employees can work with the knowledge that their health & safety is a priority!

We will assist you with a comprehensive screening program that aligns with public health to ensure guidelines are met, including reporting and interpretation of results. Testing and interpretation will be performed by a Primary Care Paramedic/Emergency Responder from Debco Safety on Health Canada-approved testing devices only.

COVID-19 BTNX Rapid Response™ Antigen Test Kits are now available for purchase directly from Debco Safety.  For more information: Purchase BTNX Rapid Response ™ Antigen Test Kits

Schedule: Testing on a schedule that meets your needs by a registered Primary Care Paramedic


PPE: Strict PPE Protocols in place to ensure the safety of everyone


Data Management: Interpretation and recording of results, sample collection and reporting


Results in just 15 mins

Contact Us for more information on how we can assist you in developing a comprehensive rapid screening program for your organization. Or purchase COVID-19 BTNX Rapid Response™ Antigen Test Kits directly from us.

Let’s get back to work – SAFELY!

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