My name is Debbie (Thomas) Chene. I can trace my career aspirations back to my early years in the suburbs of Toronto, where I grew up for most of my young life.  Hearing that ambulance go by, I wanted to be a part of helping sick people get better and respond in life’s most critical moments.  I wanted to be a Paramedic.

Sometimes life takes us on an entirely different path due to necessity and practicality. For me, that path took a grande detour where I spent most of my career in the administrative world.  I eventually found myself relocating from the suburbs of Toronto and landing in downtown Calgary in the oil & gas industry.  My key roles were Logistics Coordinator for oil & gas rig crews and Executive Assistant to the CEO while managing an office and administrative staff.  Throughout my extensive administrative career, I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to areas like Russia and Ukraine supporting oil rig crews working in and around Siberia, Russia. These positions and experiences offered me many advantages and opportunities to connect with some inspiring and truly amazing people along the way. 

During my career transition from the oil & gas industry, a tragic and unexpected event in my family, lit a fire under that old dream to become a Paramedic.  I decided to take a leap, try something completely different and pursue that long forgotten goal.  There it began, full-time classroom days with around the clock studies and a new life challenge. “Good-bye high heels….hello steel-toe shoes!”.

Empowered by my classmates, my instructors, the support of my family and friends, and my own personal motivation, I am now a registered Primary Care Paramedic.  Special thanks to my extremely bright study buddy Devan, who helped me get through studying around the clock and endless flash cards! At the end of the day, I believe we helped each other forge through those years.

I am currently employed as a casual Primary Care Paramedic for Aaron Paramedical Services in Calgary and am the owner and trainer of Debco Safety teaching First Aid and CPR to organizations and the community.

Debco Safety teaches Customized First Aid and CPR

Debco offers a robust program that ensures companies are getting quality training that meets OHS guidelines. With years as a business professional, I understand how important time management is. Our courses are unique, with real life scenario practice, keeping everyone engaged in the training.

On-site training is cost effective, allows greater flexibility in group certifications and provides a great team building activity!

Debco Safety is a certified Red Cross Training Partner and Accredited Heart & Stroke Instructor.

All courses meet OHS and CSA approvals providing participants with 1 and 3-year certifications. All equipment including mannequins, training supplies and a customized agenda that meets your specific company needs, will also be provided.

A Few Testimonials

We would like to thank Debbie for what I believe as one of the best real life First Aid Training/CPR courses I have ever taken in my 20+ years in the oil and gas sector.”

Thank you Debbie, for your training expertise! Your course has given us both the basic skills and the confidence to potentially change the outcome of an unfortunate event.” – Catapult Environmental Inc., Trevor T. Befus, Environmental and Regulatory Planner

“Deb was able to bring first aid to life with great hands-on exercises! She added humour and personal experience, making the two days a great investment for us all!” – H2Safety Services Inc., Rob Carter, Training Specialist